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Fifth Wall

“Set us up for success”

“Fifth Wall has been experiencing rapid growth and we looked to Ben to create and lead a strategic-planning retreat to drive alignment across our organization. Ben led us through a process to define our cultural norms and operational best practices to set Fifth Wall up for long-term, sustainable, repeatable success. Ben has unique ability to connect with all members of a team, discern what motivates them and why, and connect that mosaic of motivations into a complete whole so that all buy into a common vision and strategy. Ben has really helped set up Fifth Wall for success and it was a privilege to work with him.”

– Brendan Wallace, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Fifth Wall


“Terrific speaker and facilitator”

“Ben Sands is a terrific speaker and facilitator whom I recommend without reservation to senior executives seeking to inspire creativity, accountability and courage across their teams.

My senior leadership team and I brought Ben in to Morgan Stanley’s Compliance Department to lead a session, which we titled “Catalyzing Creativity”. The population for this program was 600 employees at all levels of the organization, across the globe, covering all of Morgan Stanley’s various businesses.

Ben began developing the program by interviewing professionals from across the organization to identify the patterns of performance and best practice driving creative outcomes today. He then effectively combined that interview data with global best practices to create an engaging presentation that painted a clear and compelling picture of what the most creative compliance professionals do – more of, less of, and differently – to drive better decision-making and better outcomes. Importantly, Ben remained focused on the needs of my team – challenging them throughout the session with specific questions and exercises designed to help them better understand and embed the concepts. I recommend him highly and will be happy to respond to inquiries about Ben and the Regret Free Life.”

– Stuart Breslow, Chief Compliance Officer & Managing Director, Morgan Stanley

Group M

“Hits the nail on the head”

“Amazing presentation. Ben Sands is a speaker who hits the nail squarely on the head. Ben’s session combined great data and best practices with a very high level of engagement to ensure that we not only “got” the key ideas – but that we would be able to take them back and teach them to the rest of our organization… Quality stuff – highly recommend…”

– Tim Cecere, Chief Talent Officer NA, GroupM

B/E Aerospace


“Ben Sands is by far among our favorite and most impactful speakers [with whom we have worked]. B/E Aerospace strongly recommends him.”

– Jonathan Turner, Director Global Talent Management, B/E Aerospace


“High-energy and engaging”

Ben Sands is an excellent speaker and facilitator. We recommend [Ben] highly to organizations looking to motivate and empower their employees to address key challenges facing their business. At our recent global HR summit Ben helped us to better understand how and why to enhance our business partnering capabilities in order to improve decision-making quality and increase shareholder value. Ben’s style is high-energy and engaging; his presentation served to kick-start a highly productive multi-day summit. We recommend him highly.

– MJ O’Leary, SVP Human Resources, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Allen & Gerritsen

“Challenge the status quo”

Ben Sands was amazing at facilitating a provocative workshop that engaged the audience and challenged them to think differently. His leadership style effortlessly guided the audience through a series of activities that were validating, encouraging and challenged the status quo. Ben’s passion, enthusiasm and energy made him an outstanding presenter and facilitator that I would highly recommend.

– Andrew Graff, CEO – Allen & Gerritsen

Zenith Optimedia

“Rich with insight”

Ben was an amazing presenter at a recent talent conference I attended. Ben led a high-energy and engaging learning workshop with 100s of high level and experienced Talent leads. His session was not only rich with insight, data and best practice, it also translated into real action back at the office. I am already implementing some of the ideas discovered in our session. I highly recommend Ben if you are looking to add spark to a conference and to get participants to really reflect on different approaches to everyday challenges.

– Brian Berg, EVP Talent & Human Resources NA, ZenithOptimedia


“Moves us forward”

I recently attended a session that Ben facilitated – and was really impressed. Ben is both a great speaker and facilitator. As “Dean” of our learning and development organization, I appreciate a good workshop and Ben’s session kept the audience engaged, entertained and, most importantly, helped them to move forward on an issue that has long challenged the best of companies: how to better use data to drive great decision–making. I recommend Ben highly to other organizations.

– Mark Avnet, Dean 360iU – 360i


“High-energy and fun”

“Ben Sands is an extremely effective facilitator… His presentation was fun, high-energy and, most-importantly, impactful – I plan to use the workshop and lessons learned to kick off a new process improvement initiative in my organization… I recommend Ben highly to other organizations.”

– Stephanie Stevenson, SVP Director of Talent Management – Team Detroit, WPP Group


“Inspire changed behavior”

“Ben Sands is an energizing and engaging facilitator; I am pleased to recommend him to any organization looking to inspire changed behavior.”

– Donna Thiessen, VP, Human Resources, Global Learning & Organization Effectiveness, Allergan


“Relevant and engaging”

“Ben Sands led our global team through a highly-valuable, relevant and engaging workshop…we recommend him highly.”

– Kelly M. Bliss, Director, Human Resources, InterSystems


“Business acumen + passion”

“Ben Sands did an excellent job…an outstanding facilitator who combines business acumen with passion to keep his workshops lively and engaging. We would welcome Ben back to work with us again.”

– Robin Jones, Director, Talent Acquisition & OD, Axiall

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