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How To Create A Culture Of Creativity, Accountability and Courage

Performance 3.0

What do you have to do to get each and every member of your team to bring their "best" self to work each day? How do we create a culture where creativity, accountability and courage are the norm, not the exception?

In this interactive seminar, you will learn:

  • The #1 mistake organizations make when trying to drive performance.
  • The real secret to creating a culture of high-performance.
  • How to save millions on performance management, while raising your performance standards at the same time.

How To Create And Sustain The Energy You Need To Lead

High-Performance Habits

In a world where there is always more to do than time to do it, how do the best, most productive, most impactful men and women create and sustain their energy?

In this engaging talk, you will learn:

  • The habits and strategies of the world's best leaders.
  • The root cause of most employee disengagement and under-performance.
  • Five smart ideas that you can use to boost your energy levels today.

How To Make Great Decisions In An Ever-Changing World

Regret-Free Decision Making

In other words, great leaders make great decisions.

The very best leaders don't simply "trust their gut." Instead they employ a structured approach to decision-making that ensures great outcomes in spite of limited time and/or incomplete information.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The most common decision-making pitfalls of high-growth companies.
  • Three practices ways to overcome decision-making pitfalls and driving great outcomes.
  • How the avoid "analysis paralysis" and make tough choices with confidence.

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“Ben Sands is an excellent speaker and facilitator whom we recommend highly to any other organization looking to motivate and empower their employees to address key challenges facing their business.”

MJ O’LearySVP Human Resources, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

“Ben Sands is a terrific speaker and facilitator whom I recommend without reservation to senior executives seeking to inspire creativity, accountability and courage across their teams. My senior leadership team and I brought Ben in to Morgan Stanley’s Compliance Department to lead a session, which we titled “Catalyzing Creativity”. The population for this program was 600 employees at all levels of the organization, across the globe, who cover all of Morgan Stanley’s various businesses. Ben began developing the program by interviewing professionals from across the organization to identify the patterns of performance and best practice driving creative outcomes today. He then effectively combined that interview data with global best practices to create an engaging presentation that painted a clear and compelling picture of what the most creative compliance professionals do - more of, less of, and differently - to drive better decision-making and better outcomes. Importantly, Ben remained focused on the needs of my team - challenging them throughout the session with specific questions and exercises designed to help them better understand and embed the concepts. I recommend Ben highly and will be happy to respond to any inquiries about him.”

Stuart BreslowChief Compliance Officer & Managing Director, Morgan Stanley

“We really enjoy working with Ben. His talks are engaging, insightful and fun! No matter the audience - seasoned senior executive, or rising leader - he is able to understand, and address, their most critical chronic challenges. He's such a professional - he makes our jobs easy!”

Whitney EvansDirector of Programs & Events South Carolina Chamber of Commerce

“Ben Sands led our global team through a highly valuable, relevant and engaging discussion….we recommend him highly.”

Kelly M. BlissDirector, Human Resources, InterSystems

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